I’m going to be a dad!

I actually typed “I’m going to be a bad” for the title… hope not!

That’s a pretty self-explanatory title, though. Yes, as many of you already know, I am indeed going to be a father come November.

We had the 12 week scan on Friday morning, where we were told that Emma was in fact 13 weeks exactly, meaning our little baba will come into the world mid-November.

The whole Ross Geller ‘I’m gonna be a father‘ (skip to 55 seconds) moment definitely hasn’t hit yet. It’s just been pure excitement from me, so far.

Something that I’ve noticed already is how little information there is for expectant fathers. I imagine it’s a lot more than you might’ve found just a few years ago, but I still think it’s hard for fathers-to-be to get the advice and information they need. So I’m going to be blogging about Emma’s pregnancy and the things I’m learning along the way.

This isn’t so much of a blog in itself, as it is an introduction to the fact that I will be writing about it…

I’m certainly in no position to be giving advice, but some of you might find some comfort in seeing someone else going through the same thing. And you might just read the blogs for a laugh!

Catch you soon!


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