A letter to my wife on her first Mother’s Day

To the most wonderful woman in the world,

Today is your very first Mother’s Day. For the first time, you will wake up not thinking about making breakfast for your mum. Instead, you’ll be sat in bed awaiting breakfast yourself. Okay, Raife’s a bit too small to make it himself just yet, but you get the point!

Raife may only be four months old, but I knew long ago that I wanted you to be the mother of my children. Now that it has happened, I’m the luckiest man in the world.

I want to thank you for the past four months, and the years to come. I always knew you would make an amazing mum, but you’ve exceeded even those expectations. You’ll admit yourself that you were concerned you wouldn’t make a good mother, and you still have those concerns now. I’ve never seen anyone take to motherhood so quickly and so naturally.

Although it has been really tough at times, you make it all look so easy. You always know what the problem is and what to do. No matter how tired you get, no matter how little sleep you get, you devote every second and ounce of energy to making Raife’s life happy.

You might struggle to cope with him getting older, with a tear or two every milestone he hits, but every day he grows older, he grows closer to being able to tell you all this himself – to tell you how caring you are, how funny you are, and to tell you how much he loves you (and closer to being able to make your Mother’s Day breakfast himself so Dad can have a lie in!).

I love to watch you with him. To watch your eyes light up when you look at him, and his eyes light up right back at you. To watch you comfort him when he’s feeling poorly. To watch your excitement to see him after just an hour’s sleep through the night. To watch you play with him and make him laugh. Every second I see you with him fills me with warmth and excitement for the future in equal measure.

I want to thank you for all that you do and all that you are. Thank you for being my wife, thank you for being Raife’s mum. Thank you for the mother that you will always be to him.

Love, Jon


P.S. It wouldn’t be a Mother’s Day post without a little something from Raife. So here you go (I can’t take credit for this, it’s something I found!):

To my Mummy,

From the moment we met,
And you held me so tight,
I knew I was safe,
As you kissed me good night.

I wake up so often,
And stumble with feeds,
You never give up on me,
Meet all my needs.

Now that I’ve grown,
To a 4 month old boy,
I want you to know that,
You’re my greatest joy.

They say that we look alike,
Same eyes and ears,
But sorry, it’s Daddy I’ll look like,
For years and years.

I love when we cuddle,
I love when we play,
I love that you sing to me,
Every day.

Whenever I cry or,
I poop or I pee,
Thank you for taking,
Such good care of me.

Thank you for loving me,
No matter what,
Everything you do,
To me means a lot.

Next time you hear me say,
“Agoo, Aboo, Achich, Ashoo”
What I’m really saying is,
“Mummy, I love you”

Happy first Mother’s Day

Love, Raife


Emma also wrote a blog about her first Mother’s Day. Have a read!


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