Dealing with them getting older


Today is my eldest nephew’s 12th birthday. He’s too cool to read his uncle’s blog about parenting and life, but I better wish him happy birthday anyway, so… Happy Birthday, Daniel!

It’s given me one of those real ‘How the heck is he 12?!’ moments. I guess having such an involvement in my nephew’s lives when they were younger has emphasised the feeling somewhat.

It got me thinking about how I’ll deal with Raife getting older in the future.

So far, in his (nearly) seven months, I’ve done pretty well. I find him doing new things for the first time exciting. Emma isn’t so enthusiastic about it – it’s one step closer to our little boy ‘not needing her anymore’. In fact, I can’t think of anything firsts that I’ve struggled to cope with. Going from the Moses basket to the cot, moving up clothing sizes, going places for the first time, moving onto solids – all of that had made me really excited.

But, recently, that has started to change. On Sunday, Raife moved into his own room for the first time. And in the past few days, he’s started finding his feet and bouncing in his jumperoo – seriously, like 30 minutes at a time. He’s bonkers! It’s like he’s discovered this new thing he can do and it’s the ONLY thing he wants to do. But the point it’s another skill he’s developing.

With these two things going on this week, I’ve started to get those ‘Oh no, my boy is growing up’ feelings. I’m starting to feel like it’s all going to fast. My baby isn’t much of a baby anymore, he’s becoming a proper little boy.

I’m still finding everything really exciting, but it’s starting to creep in!

That’s just – it a short one today. How do you feel about your children growing up? How do you cope with it? Let me know in the comments.

See you soon!


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  1. Oh they grow up wayyyyy to fast. My boy is 3 this year and i can’t believe it. 😦 It’s great to see them learning new things and doing so well, but at the same time you just want to be able to press pause and enjoy them being little for a while longer.


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