Last minute Father’s Day ideas (with a twist)

I’m someone who hates buying cliche gifts. Just ask my wife! I think I’ve bought her two pieces of jewellery in our near seven and a half years together (three if you include her engagement ring!).

Come Father’s Day, you won’t find me buying novelty socks or a mug or a glass with ‘World’s Best Dad’ on it. Some people like those things, but they’re not for me. I prefer personal gifts, or something a bit unique. I really try to think about it.

So, if you’re yet to buy your Dad something for Father’s Day, here are some ideas with bit of a difference.

Stand4 Socks

‘But Jon you just you don’t like buying things like socks that are really easy….!!!!!!’

Hear me out. Stand4 Socks is something completely different because, not only do they look great, they donate a pair to a homeless charity every they sell a pair. With some pairs in excess of £11, they might seem expensive for socks. But the added element of helping homeless people with the No.1 most-needed item makes it well worth it. And certainly something a bit different for a present.



‘Oh, a razor for Father’s Day, that’s original!’

Hear me out. You’re not popping into Tesco to pick up a Gillette razor for this one. Unfortunately, you’re not helping the homeless with this one, but the design of the Dorco Classic instantly makes a more unique gift. It costs around £8 and you can subscribe your Dad to receive extra razors and refill charges from as little as £1 a month.

Just look at it!


Dorco were kind enough to send me one (though I’m under no obligation to give it a positive review) and I genuinely loved it. It’s rare I go clean shaven, largely because I loathe the process itself. I find it takes to long, the finish usually isn’t that great. But that wasn’t the case with this razor.

Sorry, I was going to carry on typing, but then I got carried away just looking at it…

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer

If your Dad likes going clean shaven, but sometimes likes to leave things a little longer, the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer is a great alternative. You get all the quality you’d expect from a Wilkinson Sword razor, combined with a battery powered adjustable razor. It means your Dad doesn’t have to buy both a normal razor for a clean shave and an electric razor for that designer stubble – he can just use the one!


It might not have the aesthetic appeal of the Dorco Classic, but the electric razor effectively makes this a 2-in-1 gift.

Personalised oak guitar wall stand

I came across this on and instantly fell in love. If your Dad is into his music and plays the guitar, this is perfect. At £39, an extra £3-7 to get it in time for Father’s Day, it is pricey compared with some of the other ideas I’ve listed here, but a gift that focuses on a hobby, is practical, and can be personalised is a brilliant gift with a difference.


Another one of those ‘just look at it’ gifts!

Song colour wave print

There’s a bit of a music theme going on here…

This is another one I spotted on, but again, if your Dad is a big music fan, this is perfect. It’s a colour wave for a chosen song (probably best to choose your Dad’s favourite song!). It looks amazing and it’s personal to your Dad – ideal!


I was expecting it to cost more than £25, and free delivery will get it to you by Friday.

There we go – there are five last-minute ideas for Father’s Day with bit of a twist.

What did you get for your Father for Father’s Day? Let me know in the comments. 




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