Raife’s first blog: A letter to mummy on her last day of maternity leave


Dear Mama,

Today is the last day of your maternity leave. You’re probably holding me while you read this, and you’ve probably cried several times today already.

I wanted to write you this letter to tell you how amazing my first nine months have been. I loved spending all day, every day with you. I’ve loved playing with you, having cwtches, and all the things you’ve taught me. You’re the bestest Mama and I love you so much.

I love when I see you for the first time in the morning, I love when I have booby. I love when we play, I love when we play fetch with Sherlock. I love when you give me my bix and put me down for my morning nap naps. I love when we go for a walk and I love when we go exploring on the bus and train. I love when we meet Dada after work and I love when we play bubbles. I love when you make me laugh, I love when you sing all the songs. I love when you give me kisses, I love when you give me bot bots. I love when you give me tea wees, I love when you read me my night night story. I love when you put me to sleep, and I love that we get to do it all over again the next day.

Today is my settling in session at nursery before my big day on Monday. Don’t worry, though, I’ll have so much fun and I’ll learn so much. I know you have to go and earn pennies so we can live in our house and do fun things with Dada. Don’t be sad, please don’t cry. It’s only two days and it just means I’ll be even more excited to see you.

I’ve had the best first nine months, and I can’t thank you enough for it.

I’m super excited to meet new babas and make new friends. I know it’s hard to let me go, but I’ll love nursery. I just know I will! But even when I’m having fun, I’ll be looking forward to when you and Dada pick me up, and when we can spend the rest of the week together. I can’t wait to give you the biggest biggest ever cwtches.

No matter how long I’m gone, or how far away I am, you’re my Mama and I love you.

Forever and always.



P.S. Sorry it’s not a long letter, but hey! Give me some credit, I’m not even nine months old until Monday!!


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